Thoughts of first radio interview process

By | October 15, 2011

CIT LogoWith the first assignment for my radio subject now complete I thought I would write up some of my findings.

The first thing I found was my interviewee, although he was very passionate about his business I felt I didn’t get what I wanted. Most likely my questions were not focused directly on what I should have been asking.

The second but probably the biggest problem I found was the location, unfortunately I didn’t end up having much choice as he was quite busy and un-contactable for a time prior and the only window I got was when he was working out on the floor. As a result there was a lot of background noise from the machinery and also fading of voices when walking in-between areas.

That said I think I did a decent enough job technically, it was edited down and spliced together and with the addition of the background music came up well – despite not being able to remove all the background machinery noise.

I still have yet to find out if it was a pass due to me being absent from class due to my wrist injury still, I shall fire off an email to my teacher and see how I went.

“Overall, lessons have been learnt and will be applied to the next assignment which is a 30 minute radio show encompassing further elements of radio. “

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