Radio Show Update

By | November 14, 2011

CIT LogoEditing for the show is well on its way!

Editing ums, ahhs out of interviews as well as the various sound effects and music clips is actually taking longer than planned.

As I’m trying something different with this show there is quite a lot of planning on how and where parts of all the interviews will interact and the most important part, how they will flow to make it logical and not complicated to listen to.

I still have a few more interviews lined up, whether I will end up using all of them time will tell but at least it will give me more product to work with and options later down the track.

Being about beer, there is quite a few music choices available with tunes like the iconic (although bad tasting beer) Australian beer tune – Victoria Bitter and other well-known tunes from the likes of Slim Dusty and other Australian artists.

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