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Pimping the urn

By | January 14, 2015

With my recent move to the Grainfather brewing system, it has made sense to keep the urn I used as the HLT (hot liquor tun) as a means of easily heating water for the strike and sparge water. As the urn was previously connected up to the previous HERMS control panel, I decided to use some of the parts from… Read More »

Grainfather cleaning mod

By | January 4, 2015

The manual for the Grainfather says to do a recirculation clean through the chiller and the recirculation arm but only one can be connected at any one time. Instead of doing this, I connected the two up together to save 10-20 minutes (depending on your recirculation clean regime) cleaning time so now it’s one recirculation with cleaner and… Read More »

The Grainfather

By | January 1, 2015

  Background In an endeavour to simplify many of my hobbies I made a last minute decision, in Christmas week, to purchase one of the new Grainfather brewing systems. My current, or rather former, brew system was a custom designed and built HERMS system which although it worked well it is rather large. I thought I would do more… Read More »

The new brewery in action

By | July 21, 2014

Yesterday the brand-new Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System (HERMS) DBB Brewery Mark IV had its first tune-in run that while had a few problems, was still a success. To ensure there would be as minimal problems with the actual brew day a dry-run (or rather, wet-run) was conducted where a few simple (and laughable) problems were found such… Read More »

Brewery Update – 2014

By | April 18, 2014

It’s been a long time between posts (and work in the brewery) for various reasons but I’ve finally got back in today and getting on top of everything. As of this evening the front panel of the control box is now complete and I just have to check a few side cuts before it gets a slap of… Read More »

The control box

By | October 24, 2013

Having a new electrically controlled brewery means it needs to be controlled – enter the concept artwork for the new control panel. Drawn to scale (and them scaled down for web) the panel is designed to sit inside a first aid cabinet which can be picked up from Bunnings for $39. (EDIT: I ended up purchasing the slightly… Read More »

Feeling the heat

By | October 23, 2013

In my previous post I mentioned the heat exchanger and how it was made out of PVC (and coloured blue in places from the glue used), it has now been coloured grey to match the rest of the SS in the brewery and is just waiting to be used… Nice eh?!