By | April 12, 2011

The preferred sanitiser for many commercial breweries and wineries. An acid based, no-rinse, foaming, sanitiser that is quick, odourless, tasteless, and safe for most materials except soft metals. Contact time is 1 to 2 minutes & with a recommended dilution of 1 oz/5 gallon (1.5ml/1L) it will last you for ages. With a usage cost of approx 7c per litre it offers tremendous value, plus it will not stain vinyl tubing or other plastic parts like some other well known sanitisers.

The foam will sanitise and it stays longer on a surface, such as the inside of a fermenter. Especially great for hard to sanitise equipment and places where you can not keep full liquid contact all the time, like the handles of your cubes. Also means you can use a lot less & just give the item a shake. If you are going to mix a solution and store it, use distilled or RO water, as the minerals found in tap water will affect the amount of time that Star San will remain effective.

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