Canberra Traffic!

By | September 22, 2011

trafficMoving from Sydney to Canberra recently we are amazed at how people get so angry in ‘peak time’ traffic!

Peak time here consists of moving still most of the time or adding 10 minutes or so to your trip (my route anyway) but it still seems to make people angry.
Try moving to Sydney folks and see how peak traffic really is!

And another pet peeve since moving here is roadworks. Are Canberra drivers to important to slow down for it? I slow down to the signposted 40km an hour and get cars nearly slamming into me then passing speeding up with all kinds of facial and finger expressions, is this just me? Am I really just getting older and care about these things?

Funny thing is most of these other drivers seem to be (slightly) older than me looking like middle age family types, do you need to be in so much of a rush people? RELAX!

Maybe I am just getting older. I’m over it now, needed to vent!