Equipment for radio production

By | September 9, 2011

I’ve been researching podcasting and it seems a lot of people are simply using Audacity as it is an open source very powerful audio editor.

As I recently purchased Adobe CS5.5 Master Suite I also have a copy of Adobe Audition (formally Cool Edit Pro) so I will be doing some testing on both to see which I prefer.

For the actual audio capture we have Edirol recorders to use from class if we wish but I’m thinking of using my own equipent.
As I’m now working as a journalist full time I purchased the Olympus LS-10 Digital Audio Recorder and it came with the Tascam TM ST1 Stereo Microphone, I will test these over the next week to ensure these record audio good enough for radio (which I am pretty sure they will) and then I will contact Atillio at Cosmorex to arrange the first interview.

Still need a name for the radio show though.

Olympus LS-10Microphone

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