Radio assignment two – the 30 minute radio show

By | October 17, 2011

CIT LogoWhat to do? How to do it? What to do different?

This time the assignment requirements are a 30 minute radio show. Which although may sound long it actually won’t end up being long after a few interviews.

So what to it on? Should I theme it?

My initial thoughts are to theme it, it will allow all content to be based on a singular theme and not be disjointed in any way.

To make it interesting to me to do, I’m thinking of basing it on my hobby of homebrewing.
There is a lot that can be discussed on this topic and I already have a possible interview lined up with a head brewer of a local brew pub.

I’ve also joined up a few months ago with the Canberra Brewers which should have a few people who could help me out with additional interviews, the ACT held its annual competition the other day – maybe I could interview the winner and his beers.

Another potential interview could be my next door neighbour. She recently bought a kegging system and is quite keen on learning the process. So much so I invited her over for my last two brew sessions as assistant brewer where she was very keen to learn and assist.

So there is the talent sorted (hopefully). Still need to plan a news, sport and weather segments as well as other fillers.

Maybe some vox pops on people thoughts of brewing their own, especially with the current economic climate. Maybe some listener calls, or question time.

“At least this time I know a few more things to watch out on, [quote]all interviews will be away from noisy machinery!”

Only time will tell, but this next assignment should be much better than the last.

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