Explore Beer Radio – A one-time radio show all about beer!

By | November 30, 2011


My studies are complete and part of that was a radio assignment – naturally on beer!

Through various resources I managed to get in contact and have talks with Paul Mercurio – cookbook author and beer enthusiast, Richard Watkins – head brewer at the Wig and Pen and Colin Marshall – owner of Brew your own at home.
Talking with these three people gave a huge insight into the world I already love to be part of, beer and of course brewing it.

The result is now available for anyone to listen too.

It is not the original as I cut out the news, weather, sport and an advert which I needed to put in for the subject however all the beer and brewing goodness is there to listen too.


UPDATE December 1: I got a high distinction! Big thanks to my guests and of course my teacher!

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The radio show is available as an MP3 file approximately 22meg.
Click here to download.

2 thoughts on “Explore Beer Radio – A one-time radio show all about beer!

  1. Andrew Westover

    Very interesting show Nick. Never knew there was so much to beer. You have a great voice for radio.

  2. Billy

    Hey Nick,

    Awesome job on the podcast – I listened to it on the way into work. You’ve done a great job and totally deserve that HD.

    Paul sounds like a nice bloke, he must have been pretty easy to interview.

    See you at the next club meeting.


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