Next Brew: English Bitter

By | November 14, 2011

1296With the last drops of my Anzac Ale poured a few days ago it’s almost time to brew again, this time I am designing and brewing an English Bitter.

I’m after a ‘house ale’ that I can keep on tap and enjoy more often and it’s quite possible an English Bitter will fill those needs.

I’m basing this recipe on one of Jamil’s recipes from Brewing Classic Styles with a few little changes and should turn out to be about 3% alc/vol.

Unfortunately due to some work-based studies there is no brewing time available in the short term future with most weekends booked out between here and Christmas!
I think I will need to do some creative organising or possibly look to do it one night after work.

On a side note the beer is going to be named “Birty’s Bitter” in honour of a bloke I met a few years back on a six month course and later it was found out to be one of my cousin’s best friends. He was tragically killed few weeks ago in Afghanistan serving his country well and this will be my tribute to a top Australian.

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