Radio Show Finished!

By | November 23, 2011

CIT LogoThe final submission for my radio show is now complete! It will be available here to download and listen to shortly.
As the final entry for my journal part of the assessment I thought I would write some notes reflecting my experiences to date.

I decided at the start to try something new, something different (for me), something similar to Radiolab which I was inspired greatly from.
Whilst my show is not as polished or at the level of their shows I believe I have made a great show which is a pleasure to listen too, the main goal I had was to make the show on beer as easy to listen to as possible for non-beer lovers.

I think I’ve achieved this, the show is not a boring interview style show, rather it is an exploration of three peoples experiences in the beer industry.

The show took an enormous amount of planning, writing a script which initially depended on certain answers from interviewees, I asked each person almost the same questions except for a few so it would easily cut together.

Next also came the choices of music and sound effects, I think the ones I have chosen compliment the show well and tie in nicely with each guest speaker, although I’m sure Paul is going to kill me for bringing up ‘Love is in the Air’ in a show about beer!

Needless to say I had a great time with the show, it helps to do it on something you really enjoy and I think radio (post production shows anyway!) looks like quite an exciting avenue.

Let’s see how I get marked!

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