The Story behind the Brewery: Daddy’s Beer Brewery (DBB)

By | January 3, 2012

DBBI thought I would write up a little about ‘my brewery’.

Now obviously this is my hobby and not a commercial brewery but quite often in the homebrewing world we name our breweries for fun, and, well, at the end of the day we are doing just what the commercial guys do – just on a smaller scale.

So that brings me to the name I chose. Well to be honest I didn’t choose it, my children did!

As I have brewed since they were all very young (and some of them prior to being born) their vocabulary was limited but they managed to say words like ‘daddy’s beer’ – after a while and with some help from my wife the name stuck and the brewery was born.

Needing to be identifiable and being a graphic designer (at the time, and still a keen interest in it) I did up some branding which you can see here and which is also since been laser etched into my glasses at the house thanks to a brewing mate.

Since then the logo has now been added to all the taps on my keg freezer as well as anything else I can think of.

So that is the story of my brewery and how it’s name came to use. Thanks kids!

Here are some of my other tap artwork, also available on the page linked above.

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