Work begins on the new brewery

By | June 9, 2013
New Parts

Parts for the heat exchanger

With all the new parts hanging around it was time to finally get out and start putting some of it all together.

Despite the cold weather and not wanting to get out there, work began on the new heat exchanger today and went pretty well  although there were a few hiccups – namely me measuring an inner diameter and not an outer one, off to buy a replacement part tomorrow – glad PVC is cheap!

The heat exchanger I am building for my HERMS build is one pioneered by Nev over at Gryphon Brewing, rather than going through a parts list and a how to – check out this thread with all the information you will need, I’ve done it exactly the same.

The PID and SSR

The PID and SSR

This will be one of the main components in the new system controlling the temperature of the mash ensuring it remains exactly what I want throughout the brew day.

While out there I also prepared the new stainless fittings giving them a rinse ready to put together with the weld-less fittings I need to drill and install into the pots.

I would have got more done today but a mate came over and naturally I had to have a few beers while giving him a tour of the new brewery to come!

Check out Nev’s shop for some great parts. As with most people in this business he has gone beyond the call of duty responding to emails when you would least expect it and looks after you with great advice.

Shiny Parts – lots of bling!

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