Cutting-edge brewery upgrades

By | September 30, 2013
The Brewery

The updated brewery

Well, only in the sense I was cutting holes in stainless steel pots. After ordering the parts quite a few months ago and some unfortunate family health issues which obviously took priority, the weather has warmed and I finally got back out into the brew shed.

Heat Exchanger

Heat Exchanger

Yes, the brew shed – I forgot to post up (mind you I have done very little on here this year) that I now have a dedicated brew shed in the backyard!

Spending half the weekend in there as well as running after children and assisting in the installation of a sand pit, I managed to get quite a bit done in the main mechanics of the brewery with most of the work now remaining in the electronic control panel.

T heat exchanger was almost completed except a lick of paint and with a little modification to the thermowell, the sensor was able to fit in there nicely – just needed to bore out the thread to 13mm, seems although I thought I ordered the correct fitting parts – I must not have.

Next up was cutting a few new holes into the three pots to allow the new plumbing requirements.

The thinner-walled pots cut through with no problems, however the thicker walls of the kettle kept me at bay longer than the others but it finally gave way allowing me to fit the new 2200w heating element to allow a flameless boil.



I put together the remaining weldless connections and taps and then ensured they were water tight and left them overnight to make sure.

Here came the good news and bad: good news was there was no leaks, bad news was I won’t trust Chinese eBay sellers peddling stainless steel hose clamps again, less than 24 hours in water and look at the rust and decay! Guess I’m off to Fyshwick this week to get some locally.

After everything was done and cleaned I put it all together as much as possible and now have the planning for the electrics to get done and hopefully up and going this weekend.

I’ve got a five-day long weekend coming up so let’s see what happens…

2 thoughts on “Cutting-edge brewery upgrades

  1. Billy

    Looking good Nick – great photos. You’ll need to get some stainless coloured paint for the heat exchanger to go with the rest of the bling!


    1. Nick Post author

      Cheers Billy. Funny you mention the paint – just picked up a can this morning!


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