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By | October 24, 2013
Brewery Mark IV Control Panel

Brewery Mark IV Control Panel

Having a new electrically controlled brewery means it needs to be controlled – enter the concept artwork for the new control panel.

Drawn to scale (and them scaled down for web) the panel is designed to sit inside a first aid cabinet which can be picked up from Bunnings for $39.

(EDIT: I ended up purchasing the slightly larger box due to none available locally, it’s 150mm deep so actually better to pit the PID in)

When you click on the image you will see in more detail the compents of the panel but it consists of:

  • Two mains rocket switched (flip type) to control the two 240V inputs
  • A cheap chinese kitchen timer slightly modified to be panel mounted
  • PID and two controlling switches
  • STC1000 and two controlling switches
  • A kettle switch
  • Two switches and speed controllers for the two pumps
  • A keyhole to lock the cabinet (standard with the cabinet)
  • …and some artwork to make it look pretty.

There will also be some input and output cables on the underside of the cabinet and an XLR input on the right-hand side for the sensors.

It may change in the final version but final components are being sourced and hopefully next weekend (around camping shows and checking our camper trailers) I will get a start on it.

Now to work out a wiring diagram.

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