Grainfather cleaning mod

By | January 4, 2015
Cleaning both the chiller and recirculation arm together.

Cleaning both the chiller and recirculation arm together.

The manual for the Grainfather says to do a recirculation clean through the chiller and the recirculation arm but only one can be connected at any one time.

Instead of doing this, I connected the two up together to save 10-20 minutes (depending on your recirculation clean regime) cleaning time so now it’s one recirculation with cleaner and then another with hot water.

Pretty easy mod too – a little piece of bottling wand fits nicely from the recirculation arm hose to the wort out hose on the chiller. Then simply position the wort in hose of the chiller (with the screw nut) over the hole in the lid and use the cold water hose to sit on top to effectively lock it down.

Voila, simple clean mod.

A simple mod - bit of bottling wand.

A simple mod – bit of bottling wand.

Recirculating the water

Recirculating the water

4 thoughts on “Grainfather cleaning mod

  1. Martin

    Nick, I just hook the wort outlet hose to the barb on the wort return arm. No need for any pipe connection that way. Nice pimp on the urn.

    1. Nick Post author

      Hi Martin, thanks for the comments about the urn.
      Hmm, you may have a point on that wort return arm – cheers!

  2. Carnie

    Hi guys, I just assembled my unit..and after reading the above realised the wort out hose coming out of the chiller actually fits snugly inside the hose on the wort return arm…no clamps needed or anything!


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