No more need to tinker…now let’s brew!

By | January 26, 2015
The new brewery and I

The new brewery and I

As anyone who reads this blog (like, three of you or so) knows I recently moved from my HERMS system to the Grainfather.

Since sorting and cleaning out the brewery, getting rid of old and surplus equipment and pimping the urn – I’ve now come to the fact that I’m happy.

It’s funny, I can’t remember having a feeling like this about my brewery for many years.

I mean, I’ve always been happy with my brewery, but never like this.

I guess what I really mean is that I am content, with no urging feelings to tinker, modify or do anything more. Sure I will put shelves up in the brewery or move things, update the fridge controller to a spare STC1000 I have around – but I don’t feel the need to do any more to the brewery part.

It’s kind of crazy – I can actually concentrate on brewing now. There’s a thought!

It might be time to even enter some competitions seeing as I will be able to keep my brewing to a standard instead of bouncing back and forth with new and modified equipment additions. Bring on 2015!

The first Grainfather beers on tap

The first Grainfather beers on tap (the Aussie flag one and the last on the right)

One thought on “No more need to tinker…now let’s brew!

  1. Jay Ellul

    Hey Nick,
    Can you please send me an email with your contact details in case I need to pick your brain if I have issues with the Grainfather and need your tutelage?
    Have you determined the best grain crush size for max efficiency yet?


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