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Making yoghurt at home

By | January 2, 2012

Besides making my own beer, another food we make here at home from scratch is yoghurt. Now I know this is not such a new thing and many people make yoghurt at home, but I’m not talking about those Easy-Yo sachets you can buy at K-Mart /Big W – I’m talking about proper yoghurt. Traditional yoghurt can be… Read More »

Birty’s Bitter – English Bitter

By | December 17, 2011

I mentioned in a previous post that I was keen to put on an English Bitter. I’ve tasted a few English beers over the years both from traditional pump taps as well as imports and have become a big fan of the less carbonated brews. After some research and playing around I ended up putting the recipe together… Read More »

Canberra Traffic!

By | September 22, 2011

Moving from Sydney to Canberra recently we are amazed at how people get so angry in ‘peak time’ traffic! Peak time here consists of moving still most of the time or adding 10 minutes or so to your trip (my route anyway) but it still seems to make people angry. Try moving to Sydney folks and see how… Read More »

Mitchell factory explodes throughout the night

By | September 16, 2011

 Last night we were awoken to explosions echoing across northern Canberra. Turns out a factory caught fire about midnight and a few hours later various liquids inside caught fire resulting in explosions and fireballs being thrown into the night. My son came sprinting into the room not knowing what was happening, hearing the constant booms echoing out into… Read More »


By | January 30, 2011

Welcome to my new blog. The whole idea of this blog is to document my hobbies and things I do that are not directly family relevant and hence not ‘clutter’ up the family blog! So check it out and see what you think, oh and yes it is a work in progress so the design is not yet… Read More »