Coffee roasting

By | January 12, 2012

I thought I’d post some new photos of a recent roasting session. Nothing much has changed in my set up, just some new photos. Enjoy!  

Making yoghurt at home

By | January 2, 2012

Besides making my own beer, another food we make here at home from scratch is yoghurt. Now I know this is not such a new thing and many people make yoghurt at home, but I’m not talking about those Easy-Yo sachets you can buy at K-Mart /Big W – I’m talking about proper yoghurt. Traditional yoghurt can be… Read More »

Birty’s Bitter – English Bitter

By | December 17, 2011

I mentioned in a previous post that I was keen to put on an English Bitter. I’ve tasted a few English beers over the years both from traditional pump taps as well as imports and have become a big fan of the less carbonated brews. After some research and playing around I ended up putting the recipe together… Read More »

Radio Show Finished!

By | November 23, 2011

The final submission for my radio show is now complete! It will be available here to download and listen to shortly. As the final entry for my journal part of the assessment I thought I would write some notes reflecting my experiences to date. I decided at the start to try something new, something different (for me), something… Read More »

Managing interviews

By | November 20, 2011

Working on the radio show and trying something new has brought up an interesting dilemma.Managing interviews. Ordinarily I would cut the interview up and slot it in where it needed to go. As I am trying to splice all the different comments from various people across the whole of the show I decided to do up a time… Read More »